Festivals in Moldova in 2019

Festivals in Moldova 2019


Underland Wine & Music Fest

Underland Festival is one of it’s kind in the whole world because it fully takes place in underground, inside the Cricova wine cellars. The festival features over 100 artists from Moldova and abroad spread out on different stages, offers a variety of wines, food, activities, music, crafts and even tours inside the winery. This year the festival takes place on 23rd of February and the ticket prices are 250 lei.




Every year from the 1st of March until the 10th the city flourishes and celebrates the coming of spring. For 10 days there are various concerts and events across the city and The Mărțișor Festival takes places across the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac”, The Organ Hall and the National Philharmonic Hall. The concerts are a variety of national and folk music, but also pop and foreign.

French Film Festival

Towards end of march every year the Alliance Françaie de Moldavie and French Embassy organise the French Film Festival where they showcase the best films of the year. Films are shown in original french language with romanian or russian subtitles. The entrance is free and it takes place at the Odeon Cinema.

Moldova Fashion Days

Between 23rd and 24th of March, the 15th edition of Moldova Fashion Days will take place. An event to promote the spring -summer collections of local designers, also the “see now, buy now” method, purchasing directly the pieces after the show on the spot.



Jazz’n Chisinau

International festival of Jazz music already at it’s 7th edition brings artists from all over the world in order to take you on a musical journey. The festival takes place for 3 days at the National Philarmonic Hall “Serghei Lunchevici”.

American Film Festival

Towards end of april for 3 days there are free screenings of films at the “American Film Festival”. Each year the festival has a different theme and takes place at the Odeon cinema. A few weeks before the event the programme can be found on facebook. Films are shown originally in english with romanian and russian subtitles.



Mai Vin

This is the first picnic of the spring taking place at the wonderful Asconi Winery in the village Puhoi right on the 1st day of may. During this celebration the guests can do tours of the winery, eat delicious food including BBQ and traditional, drink loads of wine including wine tasting of 10 types, join activities and listen to good music. Entrance is 400 lei on the day (300 early bird).

Marele Picnic

The famous Milestii Mici Winery which is in the Guiness World Record Book is organising it’s own spring picnic! Entrance is 200 lei on the day, there will be loads of food, free unlimited sangria, masterclasses, market with artisanal objects, free visits in the cellars and music with the famous romanian band “Taxi”. Also there will be organised public transport towards the winery and back, with a fee of 5 lei one way.

Chesnok Festival

ЧЕСНОК is the first Documentary Film Festival in Transnistria which has been going on for the past 3 years, including a filmmaking workshop and a documentary competition. Organised by a lively young team, every year they show international documentary films in 5 cities: Tiraspol, Bender, Rabnita, Dubasari and Chisinau. The festival takes place for a whole week between 13th and 19th of may and the entrance is free.  In Chisinau the festival takes place in Odeon Cinema.

Street Food & Wine festival

Starting it’s first edition is this fresh festival aimed to combine delicious food with local wine, music and fun. The event will take place on the pedestrian street Eugen Doga situated right in the centre of the city behind the National Cathedral. Entrance of the day will cost 50 lei.

International Documentary Film Festival “Cronograf”

Cronograf is the only documentary film festival in Moldova that has won it’s name as an international festival after it’s first opening in 2001. Every year for 6 days films from various countries, including in the region are being showcased on different topics. Various people from the international documentary film industry are attending helping the local industry to flourish. Besides films there’s also music involved and a party. Entrance to the festival has a fee. This year the festival takes place between 22nd and 28th of may at Odeon Cinema.

No Rest Om Fest

Have you heard about a festival dedicated only to fitness? No Rest Om Fest is such a festival. 8 hours of exercising in any way, from yoga, pilates, to arm wrestling, weight lifting, box, kickboxing, crossfit, slack line, training and even dancing. Besides all the hard work, nutritious food, lectures and classes are held. The event culminates with a concert. The event is taking place on 25th of may 2019 and entrance is 100 lei.

Mai Dulce 

The sweetest festival from Eastern Europe takes place every year in may, this year being on the 26th. A festival aimed to those who have a sweet tooth or just wish to sweeten their life a bit. Plenty of live music, activities for children, booths with sweets – cakes, chocolates, ice cream, drinks, but also with various things for sale. A great event for families or those young at heart. The festival takes place in the centre of the city and it has a fee.

Pot Music

For those that love rock music, this is your place to be. Pot Music is a local festival aimed to allow the freshest bands in the country to make their first steps into the music world. This is a contest with 3 semifinals where the guests vote and decide which bands go to the final. Besides the newcomers, also bigger bands perform, including international ones. Entrance with a fee.



Bunkasai – Japanese Culture Festival

First weekend of june Bunkasai takes place, a little festival organised in the square of the National University of Moldova. You can find from japanese food, to language lessons, dances, martial art, origami, cosplay, tea ceremonies and many other fun activities to introduce you to japanese culture. Entrance is free.


Summer Fest is already becoming a tradition. Each summer for a whole weekend the music blasts to the maximum in the Dendrarium Park. National and interenational music, a variety of food, children’s area, loads of beer and fun. Tickets are from 250 lei for 1 day and 350 lei for the whole weekend.

Young Artisans Festival

An event specifically organised to promote the works of the young artisans from the age of 14 to 35. Happening on the pedestrian street Eugen Doga behind the National Cathedral, the festival offers you to find handmade works made out of clay, wood, metals, jewellery and traditional ethno-folkloric crafts. Free entrance.


DescOPERĂ is an unique event in Moldova as it’s two days of open air classical concerts happening in village Butuceni, the natural reservation of Old Orhei area. The event takes place for 2 days offering the most famous opera’s played by local and international orchestras. Besides the beautiful melodies, guests have the opportunity to discover local traditions at the pensions nearby. Activities such as pie making, learning traditional dances, wine tasting, boat rides and excursions in the area are available. The dates of this year’s festival are between the 14th and 16th of june. Entrance for the concerts is from 200 lei up to 650 lei.

Sun Dă-i Fest

Every summer SUN Dă-I Fest takes place in order to raise awareness about eco lifestyle, but also to bring loads of fun. Taking place directly in the central park of Stefan cel Mare, it offers a variety of activities for kids but also for adults, food and drink stalls, a market, informative booths and talks about alternative and ecological technologies, but also lifestyle. And most importantly a concert with local and international bands which is all provided with electricity from solar panels. Entrance is free and everyone is invited.

Lavender Fest

Have you ever been to a festival in a field of lavender? If you haven’t, look no further. A day full of sun, music, delicious food, talks, massage, local market, photoshoots and the calming smell of lavender. Entrance with a fee.

Art Labyrinth Summer Festival

A one of a kind festival in Moldova, Art Labyrinth has gained quite a following due to it’s nature. It always starts around the summer solstice and lasts for a week. A festival made for raising awareness, spirituality, connection with nature, spirit and music. The location of the festival takes place every year in different nature spots across Moldova and is camping only. Entrance fee is 200 lei. They organise transport to the festival, camping gear for rent for those that don’t have it, workshops on spiritual topics, yoga, tai chi, dance classes, vegetarian, vegan and raw food, dances around the fire and live music.



IA Mania

In the village of Holercani takes places the IA Mania Festival, an event specifically created to showcase the traditions and art of Moldova. Originally named after the taditional “Ie”, a handmade shirt worn in the region. From stalls with crafts, clothes, to food, a fashion show and live music. Plenty of space for various activities and enjoyment.  The festival has gained it’s name over the years and is visited happily by foreigners also. The festival this year will be on the 6th of july and entrance is with a 50 lei fee.

Festivalul Frumos covor Basarabean

Translating as “beautiful Bassarabian carpet”, already at it’s 6th edition this Festival brings to celebrate the craft of carpet weaving. Happening in an artisanal studio with over 60 carpets, 30 national costumers, bags and other wrks of art which will be available for sale but also for viewing. Little workshops will also take place for those that wish to learn the craft. Entrance is free.

Tiff Chisinau

TIFF is the Transilvanian International Film Festival which has gained quite a recognition in the film world and part of it’s circuit is happening in Chisinau also. Four days of best films in Odeon Cinema with an entrance fee of 20 lei, but also free screenings in the city centre. As it’s an international festival many films are in english, but also other languages with romanian translation. On the last day of the festival there’s a closing party with live music. This years date is not announced yet.



Gustar Music Festival

The biggest and most famous music festival in Moldova happening in the most iconic place – the Old Orhei settlement. Two days of live music with famous local and international singers and bands, loads of delicious food and drinks, market stalls, activities, excursions in the area and camping! There’s transport organised to/from the festival and entrance is with a fee. This year the festival will take place between 17-18 august.

Cucuteni Festival

A festival aimed to celebrate the art of ceramics, but also the Cucuteni civilisation which was settled here in the region even before the period of Ancient Egypt, being one of the oldest civilisations in Europe. Taking place in Ivancea village, the festival provides live music with local and international bands, clay workshops, exhibitions, an auction, loads of food, activities for children but also adults, drumming and a fire show.

Purcari Wine Run

Purcari Wine Run is a unique 10 km trail race, which lies through the cross-country track of Chateau Purcari – one of the largest wineries in Moldova. The event includes running, thematic seminars, master classes, excursions, Moldovan dishes and wine tasting, as well as recreation in an eco zone. Purcari Wine Run 2019 will be held on August 24.

Festivalul Tineretului

A festival for the youth organised to raise awareness about the organisations and clubs they can join for their own development or in helping to make a change. The festival takes place each year in various locations across the country, but also in Chisinau on the pedestriat street Eugen Doga where they have stalls. Daytime and mostly in the evening there is alo a live music concert. No entrance fee.




In the beginning of september in the southern city of Cahul takes place a loved documentary film festival – Moldox which is aiming to raise awareness for social change. A week of workshops for those that wish to study the art of filmmaking, screenings of various international documentaries, talks, exhibitions and live music. Entrance is free and transport is organised to/from Chisinau. This years edition will take place between 10-15th of september and more info can be found at www.moldoxfestival.com

Festivalul Maria Bieșu

Every year at the beginning of september starts the Maria Bieșu Opera and Ballet Theatre Festival, an event that has been going on since 1990. Named after the most famous moldovan opera singer Maria Bieșu, this festival offers the opportunity to watch the mot famous opera and ballet pieces from international stages. Entrance with a fee, tickets can be purchased at the box office of the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


MUST Fest is the festival of young wine organised by the Cricova Winery in the centre of Chisinau. 2 days of the best live music with international bands, food, activities and various young wines for tasting. Tickets can be purchased upfront or directly on the spot.


A festival specifically created to promote the autumn crop of pumpkins! This is a etno gastronomic festival which provides various talks, activities, music, local food and wine, also a contest for the biggest pumpkin! Foreigners but also locals get the chance to discover local treasures. Entrance with a fee, children under 12 have free entrance.

Etno jazz Festival

One of the most loved festival in Moldova. Three days of the best music from the world. International artists with deep passion. Entrance with a fee and it takes place at the National Philarmonic Hall “Serghei Lunchevici”, also in Tiraspol or Soroca whenever possible.



National Wine Day

The most famous holiday in Moldova which has gained international recognition is the National Wine Day. Two days where the whole country is thinking only about wine! The centre of the City Chisinau is transformed in a platform for celebration: a big stage is filled with national performers playing traditional folkloric music joined later by famous national and international guests, over 60 stands of different brands and wineries for buying and tasting brandy and wine, workshops, tours to the wineries, delicious traditional food and local handcrafts. Some of the wineries themselves offer little events on this day besides the tours.

Entrance at the event is free. Mark your calendars as the next National Wine Day will be on 5th and 6th of october 2019!

Romanian Film Days Festival

Already passed it’s 4th edition, this festival brings the latest best romanian films on the screen of Odeon Cinema. After every screening there is a session of Q&A with the directors or actors from the film. Entrance is free and all the films are screened in romanian, no english subtitles.


Anim’est is the only festival in Moldova dedicated to international animation film, having already 8 successful editions. For a few days Odeon Cinema hosts this event, showcasing feature animation films, as well music videos, experimental, short and horror films, as well screenings for kids. Each edition featu res a live music concert too. There is a small entrance fee at each screening or event which usually can be paid directly on the spot. This event is english friendly.



Gagauz Șarap Yortusu Wine Festival

Every year on the first sunday of november in the city of Comrat “Gagauz Șarap Yortusu Wine Festival” is organised. A festival aimed at promoting local gagauz culture and wine. The festival takes place right in the centre of the city, so there is no entrance fee. You can see folk dances, traditional clothing, try out delicious gagauz food and wine. An experience to discover an ethnic group with turkic roots.



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