A Chinese company is interested to invest in the 5G technology implementation in Moldova

Chinese company invest in 5G technology Moldova 2019

The Chinese company ZTE is interested in investing in the implementation of the 5G technology in the Republic of Moldova. This is what the representatives of the company announced today, during the meeting with the Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The 5G technology is the fifth generation of mobile communication that will provide higher upload and download speeds, broader coverage, a more stable connection, as well as, higher energy savings and lower costs.

ZTE Corporation is one of China’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers, conducting its business in over 160 countries and having about 75,000 employees.

It is important to mention that several countries such as New Zealand, USA or Australia refused to implement the 5G technology through the services and the telecommunication equipment provided by the ZTE and Huawei companies, as they consider it could significantly raise the national security risks. The Chinese companies consider these decisions unfounded.

A press release by the Government of Moldova mentioned that the ZTE representatives presented their investment plans, noting that the Government actions encourage new investments. “Our interest in coming to Moldova derives from the stability and attractiveness that you have created for your business environment,” they mentioned.

The prime minister welcomed the investors’ intention, highlighting that the development of new technologies and the implementation of large-scale projects in the Information and Communication Technology sector represent a priority for the Government, as they boost entrepreneurial activity and create new jobs for people. “You will have all the necessary support and the openness from the Government team. If we work in the same direction, we will see the expansion and development of the ZTE company in our country,” the prime minister said. At the same time, Pavel Filip spoke about the actions of the Government aimed at improving the business climate and attracting foreign investments in the strategic economical sectors.

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